Estabrook Services offers comprehensive testing and analysis of your aquifer and your well to determine both sustainable and short-term flow rates at a competitive price. In addition, the tests can determine:

  • Potential blockages of the well casing slots and perforations
  • The well efficiency
  • The radius of the aquifer that was analyzed
  • Aquifer boundaries

How is this different from other well testing services?

Typical well testing services provide a single flow rate rating for the well with no explanation or limits on what that rating means. For example, what does a rating of “8 gallons per minute” actually mean? Does this mean you could flow the well at 8 gallons per minute 24 hours per day, 7 days per week? Or, does this mean you could flow the well at 8 gallons per minute for 2 hours before the well runs dry? This is an important distinction especially if you are planning on heavy, long-term water uses such as landscaping, a garden, or a farm.

Our method

Estabrook Services uses a method of testing and analysis that was originally developed by groundwater hydrologists and is widely used for both water wells and oil and gas wells. Water is pumped out of the well at a constant rate while flow rate and drawdown are continuously measured and recorded. After the pump is shut off, the water level recovery is monitored for some period of time. These data are graphed, and the characteristics of the graph are used to determine the transmissivity of the aquifer. Transmissivity is the primary aquifer property from which a number of calculations can be made, including long-term sustainable flow rate and shorter-term flow rates.

Services and pricing

  • Basic well production test: $400
  • Water quality test: No charge for taking the sample, lab analysis cost is added to the cost of the well production test

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